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Our space

Nestled in ricefields and along the tranquil riverside, our enchanting space embodies the essence of Bali’s untamed wilderness, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Immerse yourself in the allure of traditional Joglo-style dwellings infused with a captivating bohemian flair, harmonizing seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Just a short 15 minutes ride from Canggu. Nunu Bali is located in Nyambu village, Kediri. 

With its land comprising of more than 60% rice fields. You will find yourself immersed in tranquility. Surrounded by nature and picturesque views, as well as the true culture of Bali. A Unique real non-mass-oriented tourist destination. 

At Nunu Bali we really we think it’s important to share the true Balinese culture and to give our guests the experience of 
‘The ‘Real Bali’. 
That is the reason you came to Bali right? 🤔

At Nunu Bali, we include regular free spiritual life-enriching activities. Exploring the agricultural history, local history, rice fields and waterfalls and even the unique experience of joining our farmers during their harvest. 

In our small village, we can explore 67 temples that are designed beautifully and traditionally by the predecessors in the days of Ancient Bali.

If you came to Bali to experience the real culture, breathtaking views and wanted enjoy every second of it before leaving completely relaxed. 
Nunu Bali is the place for you 🙏

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A sneak peek into our morning stroll through our beautiful village, brimming with offerings.✨

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to extend the invitation to our guests and those from beyond, providing an opportunity to witness the beauty of Bali. The aspects that truly define Bali – its breathtaking nature and the countless rice fields cultivated with passion and hard work by local communities. 🌾

We regularly organize Village & Waterfall Tours, distinct from typical tourist attractions. Our aim is to cultivate a familial atmosphere, allowing you to experience local life, culture, and nature from a fresh perspective. 🌱🙌🏼

Without giving away too much, we warmly invite you to visit us and create beautiful memories together. ✨

Feel free to reach out to us, whether it’s here at Nunu, through DM, or on WhatsApp. We genuinely look forward to connecting with you. 🤝📲
„Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.“ 💭

We love to see how our guests don’t let anything spoil their stay with us.
When we see this, we also feel the desire to join them. ✨

What do you do when it rains?
By the way, don’t you agree that we have more sun than rain this year? 🤭

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Why should everyone practise yoga? 🧘🏻‍♀️

Yoga can therefore help you in your search for personal happiness. And at the same time, it can even bring you a good deal closer to saving the world. 🔄

How exactly? By teaching you values that our society urgently needs. Just think of charity, compassion or social responsibility. ✨

People who practise yoga seriously live non-violently and want a peaceful world. If enough people had this goal, consumer behavior could be permanently changed with moderation and consideration. That would be good for the environment and would help to save the planet. 🌎

By clearly showing you that neither money nor consumer goods make you happy, yoga philosophy strengthens your connection with the world and creates awareness for the needs of others. Where the ego plays only a small role and much is focused on the we, more social behavior is possible. 💭🕊️

Would you agree with that?
What does yoga trigger in you? 

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Welcome to our brand-new Deluxe Female Dorms! ✨
We’ve transformed these spaces with love and thoughtfulness to provide our female guests with more privacy and an even cozier home away from home. 
Each of the two rooms, designed for 4 guests, comes with a unique highlight: the view! On one side, you’ll be greeted by a picturesque rice field, and on the other, enjoy a refreshing view of our sparkling pool. 🌱💦

But that’s not all – each room features an outdoor bathroom for a truly special nature experience. 🌿

And there’s more to come – to enhance the comfort factor and offer even more privacy, we have something special prepared for you that you’ll soon get to discover. Stay tuned! 🏡 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Nunu Paradise 📍

Feel free to send us a DM or reach out 
via WhatsApp at +62 851 8601 1112 for any inquiries. 📲

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At the core of our mission is providing a sanctuary for our guests – a place where they can relax, reconnect with nature, and take a break from the hustle and bustle. 🌿

In the same way, we want to create space for them to experience adventures once they have arrived. To forget everything else for a moment and have fun. 
To create and capture special memories with others. 😊

We’ve made it a point to extend this invitation regularly to anyone who wishes to step outside, live in the moment, and be part of our welcoming community. Everyone is invited! 🏄‍♂️🙌🏼

Feel free to reach out to us, whether it’s here at Nunu, through DM, or on WhatsApp. We genuinely look forward to connecting with you. 🤝✨

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In the world of Nunu, we celebrate beauty as a profound connection between what we see and what lies beneath. Our guests and we ourselves regard this beauty with a special eye that captures the radiant essence from within and without. Beauty doesn’t just manifest in the external; it reveals itself in the stories we share, the heartbeats of joy, and the authenticity that flows from our hearts. 😇

We are incredibly grateful for this beauty that shines in each of us and within our Nunu community. From inner strength to loving gestures - we know that beauty is more than just outward attractiveness.✨

At this point, a huge thank you to all the compliments and lovely feedback we’ve received lately. Every guest and every kind word means a lot to us. 🙏🏼

Loads of love to our Nunu family. 🤍

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“Take a look into our Deluxe Bathroom at the retreat – much more than just a stylish getaway! There’s a lot of love for the environment in here. At Nunu, sustainability is a big deal for us. Our Deluxe Bathroom is a special mix of nature and style. You can relax here while doing something good for the environment. A place that’s different – simply Nunu! 🌿✨

We look forward to welcoming you to our Nunu Paradise 🏝️

Kaba-Kaba, Kediri, 
Tabanan Regency, Bali 📍
(close to Canggu) 

Feel free to send us a DM or reach out 
via WhatsApp at +62 851 8601 1112 for any inquiries. 

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Join us in our Nu Space

Nunu Bali

Introducing Nunu Bali, nestled in Nyambu, Bali’s eco capital, where tranquility merges with adventure amidst lush landscapes. Rooted in hospitality and inspired by Bali’s essence, our sanctuary invites you to delve into its captivating embrace.

Since our inception, we’ve curated an oasis blending Bali’s allure with modern comforts, ensuring a stay resonating with tranquility and excitement. Conveniently located, explore temples, rice fields, and just 15 minutes from Canggu’s vibrant beaches.

Deeply rooted in the community, we foster connections beyond our walls, offering immersive experiences celebrating Bali’s rich heritage. Our accommodations, featuring seven distinctive rooms adorned in Javanese Joglo style, offer a tranquil haven seamlessly blending tradition with modern amenities.

Indulge in a culinary journey through Bali’s flavors at our onsite restaurant, from vibrant vegan creations to succulent meat dishes. Join us at Nunu Bali for an unforgettable journey of exploration and relaxation amidst Bali’s magic.

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Begin your day on a harmonious note at our yoga shala, where you can discover your equilibrium through invigorating yoga sessions suitable for all skill levels. Yoga serves as a conduit to your inner self, guiding you towards profound relaxation and mindfulness. Embrace the present moment as you unite your body and mind in perfect synergy. Under the guidance of our certified yoga instructors, delve deep into the essence of your being, shedding the burdens of stress and embracing newfound liberation.

Join us for our

weekly activities

Outdoor Movie Nights

Every Friday we have a get together and watch a great film.

Firepit and Stargazing

Have a chance to sit around the firepit, gaze at the stars and chill out.

Waterfall Adventures

Explore Nunu Waterfall just across the road at our beautiful riverside.

Jungle Padel

Experience the thrill of jungle padel in Bali, where sport meets tropical greenery.

Bicycle Tours

Pedal along winding paths as you discover the hidden treasures of Nyambu.

Ricefield Trekking

Experience the tranquil beauty of lush greenery and ancient irrigation systems, immersing yourself in the island’s rural charm.

Cultural Experience

Explore the rich culture of Nyambu.

why NuNu retreat

benefits & outcomes

Nunu is the perfect location to host your retreat, have a weekend escape or book out for your corporate training and team building classes. We offer everything from accommodation, classes, training facilities, catering, excursions and more. Contact us for details.

what are the…

benefits & outcomes

Nunu is the perfect location to host your retreat, have a weekend escape or book out for your corporate training and team building classes. We offer everything from accommodation, classes, training facilities, catering, excursions and more. Contact us for details.

Our NuNu Bali Retreat

Space and Accommodation

With free range birds roaming our grounds, our beautiful riverside eco escape we have carefully reconstructed seven beautifully hand carved Javanese Joglos. All nestled gently into the lush landscapes of Kediri. Typically associated with aristocrats, the Joglo style roof, in particular, is the most complex of all Javanese architectural designs to master.

A true symbol of social or economic class within Indonesian society.


7 ensuite Boho style rooms available

Deluxe Double Rooms with Pool view*
Deluxe Twin Rooms with Pool view*
Treehouse Twin with rice field view*
6 person shared dorm*
*all prices and availabality can be seen at Cloudbeds before booking.

Standard Government tax and service charge applies (21%)
Food and beverage packages available

Book direct and you’ll save 10% on all bookings

Deluxe Doubles

Deluxe Dorms for 4

Treehouse Twin

Shared Dorm for 6

Retreat and Shala Space


Nunu Bali is a fully equipped yoga, wellness and corporate training dream space. All designed to reconnect the mind, body and soul back to Mother Nature.

Our fully equipped space includes training equipment, high quality sound systems, microphones, projector screens and white boards and equipment. Ready to cover any event.

Interested in a Nu Beginning or want to space over in our Nu Accomodation?


View our menu below

Our cafe and menu is built around sustainability. Everything we use we either pick from our grounds or source locally. We want to make sure your body is nourished with fresh, natural ingredients.


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What some of our guests had to say

Semina G.Semina G.
10:03 03 Oct 23
I can't point enough how much I loved this place. It's like a little paradise!!! You are in the middle of the rice fields, waking up to enjoy the beautiful sky colours,the palm trees all around, to eat a lovely breakfast served by so great people!!! (Try the protein shake it's great)No traffic just nature!!!close to Canggu (20min) but not close to its traffic and noise.Motorbikes are also available! The stuff is like a big family always with a smile and GENUINELY kind. The room is amazing, with an outdoor shower which is so awesome!!! Everything was so clean and made with love! From the little flowers on the bed till the way they fix the towels, every little detail reaches perfection. This place made us just keep coming back, just because no other made us feel like we are at a 2nd home. Reiss the owner is probably one of the most interesting persons I've met. He loves animals, nature, he respects everyone and puts all his energy to make this place the best one we have ever stayed at! 10/10 and yes we definitely will come back!!!
Mark TemnikovMark Temnikov
20:48 26 Sep 23
Great and clean AFFORDABLE place to stay in the area of the island and explore. 15 minutes drive to the beach. You can rent scooter directly from NUNU. The place has everything you need to enjoy and not go anywhere if you planned just to stay in. Beautiful new bungalows made of Java wood, comfortable beds, friendly and helpful service. There are always activities going on locally, such as yoga. NUNU is perfect if you want to do your own retreat here. If you want to experience a real Balinese vibe, among rice fields, chickens that lay fresh eggs every day for breakfast and walk around the site, lizards singing at night, a fire pit right next to the bungalow, then this is definitely the place for you.
Villa Saba 10Villa Saba 10
05:50 26 Sep 23
Had a lovely few nights stay here, staff are really nice, WiFi is reliable, the rooms are great and shower water pressure and temperature is as good as it gets. We joined a free yoga class in the yoga Shala which was great and we loved the ice bath. Plenty of nice spots to go walking from the hotel, really stunning hikes down by the big river. Will definitely be back Sol to stay here again!
David GonzalezDavid Gonzalez
13:39 23 Sep 23
Nunu was our first stop on our trip in Bali, and it turned out to be just what we needed. The hotel's location is great – close enough to Canggu but far from the city's noise. It's on the outskirts, so you get a taste of the real Bali with local houses and temples around.The staff and owner at Nunu are genuinely friendly, making us feel right at home. The hotel has all the facilities you need for a relaxing stay, and we spent a good amount of time lounging by the pool, which was perfect.Nunu is a solid choice for a few or several days' stay. Some mornings, I took advantage of the peaceful atmosphere and meditated at their yoga area. It was a lovely start to our Bali honeymoon.
Nils SchmidtNils Schmidt
04:40 18 Sep 23
Super clean and modern hostel. Very nice and helpful staff. Delicious breakfast in the morning and even included in the price for only about 10 euros per night for one person. Highly recommended for relaxation.
Johan SngJohan Sng
12:08 15 Sep 23
Super lovely slice of heaven in the middle of nowhere. What a pleasant surprise and what a beautiful home away from home. Loved the grounds and the 2 pools and also the yoga shala. Can’t recommend this place enough ♥️
marcela moralesmarcela morales
13:09 12 Aug 23
What an amazing experience. I found Nunu by chance and so grateful. Loved it!! Such a slice of paradise. Beautiful gardens amazing staff, they just could not do enough for you. Lush gardens, pools and even an ice bath. There is also a sweet walk down to the river. Highly recommend ☺️🌟
Danja HofmannDanja Hofmann
10:09 12 Aug 23
This place is an absolute gem. I stayed here with some friends and we just had the best time. It’s surrounded by nature and because of that is absolutely peaceful and beautiful. Amazing stay 🤩
Rebekah MullaneRebekah Mullane
15:41 08 Jun 23
Such a beautiful venue!Hidden down a small road off the main road. Loved that you can relax and sit by the river. The staff was very attentive. Cannot wait to come back again to this tranquil resort. Thank you 💚

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